Guendalina Salini: RIPARO

06 April - 05 May 2018
with texts by Silvia Litardi and Giulia Anita Bari and stories collected by Marco Stefanelli

On Friday, April 6th at 7 p.m. Fondazione Pastificio Cerere is presenting RIPARO, solo show by artist Guendalina Salini. The exhibition will be open to visits until May 5th 2018 and will be accompanied by texts by Silvia Litardi and Giulia Anita Bari and by the stories collected by Marco Stefanelli.

The artist aims at investigating the concept of riparo – which means shelter – as a pre-architectural space, as the most primordial form of protection for men. In this sense, the carpet – the central theme of the exhibition – fulfills the primordial needs of men to warm up, protect, rest, envelop the dead or contain goods while shifting them; above all, it is a sacred area, a space protected against uncertainties and the unknown.

Furthermore, the short movie “La città e il cielo” (The city and the sky) will be presented. It tells the story of a group of men and women of different age and geographical origin, who end up among the ruins of an abandoned village, in the Aspromonte, in the Calabria region.

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Workshop promosso da La Frangia per la mostra RIPARO di Guendalina Salini, 17-18 marzo 2018. Crediti: Ginevra Sammartino