Where is Dawn now? #3

07 May - 22 July 2016
A Project By Leonardo Petrucci

On 07 May from 18.30 the Pastificio Cerere Foundation presents the third event in the project Where is Dawn now?, conceived by Leonardo Petrucci and developed in collaboration with INAF- IAPSASI and NASA.

The Dawn space probe, launched by NASA in 2007, entered the orbit of Ceres last March and on that occasion, in the courtyard of Pastificio Cerere, we presented the first photograph of the large spherical form of the dwarf planet.For the second event, last July, we installed a closer, more detailed photograph that revealed more about the surface of Ceres. For the third event we will install a photo mapping of the planetaccompanied by a text by the astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi, who discovered Ceres completely by chance in January 1801.

The idea of combining Pastificio Cerere and the planet Ceres (Cerere is the Italian  translation of Ceres) has to do with more than just the name, evoking a singular coincidence: in conjunction with this astronomical event, 2015 was the 110th anniversary of the construction of Pastificio Cerere and 10 years since the Foundation was established.

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