16 September - 24 September 2023
Conceived by Francesco Rombaldi

The Fondazione Pastificio Cerere will be one of the exhibition locations of Charta, a festival of contemporary photography, conceived by Francesco Rombaldi and dedicated to photographic books and independent publishing.

The festival provides for a visual itinerary in which a theme is developed through photo-book exhibitions, by creating an expository tour in different locations in the hearth of San Lorenzo, the Roman art district. The theme of this edition: Human x Nature, is intended as a reflection on the complex relationship that has always existed between us and nature. Throughout time, human beings have tried to contemplate or dominate it, to understand it or enslave it. Magic, religion, science are only attempts to decipher what surrounds us, to survive the world and ourselves.
The one hundred books on display in the festival’s expos will therefore deepen and decline this concept, and open up a structured reflection on how this fragile synergy has evolved over time.

A schedule of Portfolio Readings and a Book Market with some of the most important publishers in the sector complete the programme.

The festival is conceived and realised by Yogurt, a curatorial platform that explores the new languages of contemporary photography.

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