16 November - 27 January 2023
curated by Gaia Bobò and Marcello Smarrelli

On Wednesday 15 November 2023, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere and Centrul de Interes (Cluj-Napoca, Romania) will present the group show Perspectiva Cluj. Dynamic trajectories from Centrul de Interes, as curated by Gaia Bobò and Marcello Smarrelli and organised with the support of Fondazione Culturale Intact. The exhibition will be open to the public from Thursday 16 November 2023 to Saturday 27 January 2024

The exhibition itinerary will feature a selection of works, some of them specially produced for the Foundation’s spaces, by Radu Abraham & Ovidiu Leuce, Delia Avram, Sasha Bandi, Mathias Bar, Andrei Budescu, Ana Horhat & Vlad Sulea and Florin Ștefan. The exhibition is the result of research carried out by the two curators during their residency in Cluj-Napoca in July 2023, during which they had the opportunity to meet artists, architects and designers variously linked to Centrul de Interes, a multifunctional cultural centre that has been extremely active in the Cluj scene for years; the town has become particularly famous for its School of Painting, which is part of the Academy of Fine Arts, where artists such as Victor Man and Adrian Ghenie have trained.

Characterised by an interdisciplinary slant, the project is aimed at rendering different possible visions of the city of Cluj-Napoca and its varied and surprising artistic production, which makes it a highly significant entity on the European cultural scene. What emerges is an intergenerational journey, particularly focused on painting, through the comparison of the works of Delia Avram (1980), Mathias Bar (1997), Sasha Bandi (1989), Florin Ștefan (1968) but also marked by the desire to highlight a collaborative attitude between artists, landscape architects and designers engaged in various ways in the definition of projects and future prospects. This is the case of the collaboration between sculptor Ovidiu Leuce (1981) and designer Radu Abraham (1989), or between landscape architect Ana Horhat (1980) and graphic designer Vlad Sulea (1980).

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