Enrico Boccioletti: Palinopsia

02 October - 08 November 2013
Curated by Alessandro Dandini de Sylva

From October 3rd to November 8th the exhibition of the artist Enrico Boccioletti entitled Palinopsia, will be open to the public at the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in the context of the event FOTOGRAFIA – International Festival of Rome | 12th Edition – VACATIO.

Palinopsia presents a selection of recent works that pose questions about the state of the art for photography and visual culture in general in the world of today that is dominated by the Internet. Enrico Boccioletti plays in a sophisticated way with the conventions of photography, exploring its limits and its contradictions. By making the mechanisms of digital instruments of elaboration such a clearly evident part of the image, he brings into question the reality of what we see, as well as the very condition of photography and visual representation in the Internet age. By deliberately combining and intermixing the various means of visual production, Boccioletti reminds us that the factor of intentional manipulation has always been present in the photograph and that, instead of threatening the medium, the malleability of the digital elaboration is in fact one of its greatest sources of vitality.

The exhibition is the second event that Alessandro Dandini de Sylva has organized as curator-in-residence of the Fondazione Pastificio Cerere in 2013 and it is fully in line with the predominant themes of this year that have given particular prominence to photography.

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Palinopsia, installation view, 2013, Fondazione Pastificio Cerere. Credits: Alessandro Dandini de Sylva